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    Well, iCarly has finally ended. It's sad for me truly.


    There were a lot of frienship moments, especially between Sam and Carly and Sam and Spencer. Sam really does love her friends a lot, even if she'd rather buy herself chicken than get her best friend's brother medicine and then sit down while he writhes around and eat the chicken when she knows that her best friend's happiness depends on him getting rid of that cold. Oh well. I guess the point was to indroduce Tubba Chicken which Sam would probably visit a lot on Sam and Cat.

    They fixed the motorcycle. I guess that that would also be her mode of transportation on Sam and Cat. I'd be shocked if Cat can drive. Oh look! A mailbox! Bam!

    So Sam calls Freddie and Freddie asks if she wants to get back toge…

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    Sam and Cat

    August 2, 2012 by Akg-517

    Okay. So I honestly don't know what to make of an iCarly spinoff.

    1. I mean some of us asked for it but we expected at least two or three of them right?

    2. Can you imagine Sam, who hates people and was a bully most of her life, as a baby-sitter?!

    3. Or Cat who doesn't seem that sane being trusted with someone's child?! Quoting from PR, Make it work, Dan.

    4. What about the most tragic fact of all?! Is Sam not going to end up with Freddie or will they have a long distance relationship? I don't have to tell you that I would watch the show for Jennette and Ariana but I will cry and cry and cry through every episode if Sam gets a new love interest. It won't be fair to the fans, (any of us) who shipped long and hard and put all our love and time and energy into fuell…

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    Dan: Hey Seddiers! I gave you what you wanted but there's still a lot of episodes left! To appease you, here's an iLove You complete with 2 hour make-out! For you non-seddiers, here's a break-up! For you Creddiers, I've thrown in the elevator! For you people who hate any romance in the show, not to worry! This relationship has (at least temporarily) ended!

    Oh. And not to be a troll but I think I'll wipe my memory of ever doing this arc, just like after iSD! Anyone got one of the MIB flash thingies? No? Well I'll just make Sam a bit normal..., transform Freddie into a jerk and leave out any hints whatsoever! Here you go! If you squint, you can still see that Sam likes him! But I don't think I'll show Freddie feeling that way much. I know! let…

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    1. What did the goat do?!

    I don't even think the writers themselves know. XD
    The question we all wonder ourselves is: What could the goat have done?!
    We will never know....

    2. What is Sam's password?!

    Password hint: It's yucky. Hmmmm.... That's plenty to work with....

    Lewbert's wart maybe?

    My mom's teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini? Nahhh. Too long...

    3. Whatever happened to Pete?!

    Let's consider the information given....

    -Sam went out on a date with him... out on a yacht... where no one can hear him scream....

    -Pete's only necessary qualities in a girl are being able to kiss well...

    -Pete is never again mentioned...

    4. What happened to Gibby and Tasha?

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    iStill Psycho "Review"

    February 14, 2012 by Akg-517

    iStill Psycho was an extremely funny episode.

    Also, creepy. e.g. And ever, and ever, and ever...

    Gibby's real name is Orenthal Gibson. My apologies to all existing Orenthals but if I were Gibby, I'd sue my parents.

    Maurice is a guy. One of us is confused.

    Here Gibby, Gibby Gibby... Because if a psychotic family is plotting to imprison you, when they call you like a pet, you jump and go: Oh Boy! Maybe they have those biscuits I like!

    Sam has a policy for the acquisition of objects: If she likes it 'and she doesn't have one, it's hers'. This applies to tasers, shock pens and hopefully Freddies.

    List of offences by Nora and family

    • Unfair Detainment, Kidnapping- Freddie, Gibby, Carly, Sam, Spencer
    • Sexual Haressment- Freddie
    • Mild Torture- Spencer on a wheel…
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