Okay. So I honestly don't know what to make of an iCarly spinoff.

1. I mean some of us asked for it but we expected at least two or three of them right?

2. Can you imagine Sam, who hates people and was a bully most of her life, as a baby-sitter?!

3. Or Cat who doesn't seem that sane being trusted with someone's child?! Quoting from PR, Make it work, Dan.

4. What about the most tragic fact of all?! Is Sam not going to end up with Freddie or will they have a long distance relationship? I don't have to tell you that I would watch the show for Jennette and Ariana but I will cry and cry and cry through every episode if Sam gets a new love interest. It won't be fair to the fans, (any of us) who shipped long and hard and put all our love and time and energy into fuelling the shipping fanbase for YEARS, just to have so random dude waltz in and pick up Sam's interest. In fact, I think I should be angry not sad if that happens!

See what I mean by I don't know what to think?!

5. And Victorious won't be the same if Cat's not on it regularly and Nick better not stop it before all questions are answered such as:

i. Who is Cat's brother?

ii. Will Jade and Beck get back together?

iii. Where does Robbie keep Rex now that he has actual friends?

6. How can Sam, who can't take girly things such as giggling put up with Cat who laughs and giggles more than she speaks.?! Cat is my fav Victorious character and all but I can't picture it. I can imagine Sam getting one of those baskets animals sleep in for her or letting her sleep at her feet though...

Maybe the reason I can't fathom it is because Dan, the troll, wants it that way.

He knew that we would never imagine something like this and wants to drive us insane perk our interest.

If Sam gets a new love interest, I think Dan should make a public apology to the Seddie fans just know that it was his show and he could have ended it any way he liked and should be happy with his descion even if fans aren't at his doorstep with weapons of protest.

What do you guys think of the new show?

Make it work, Dan. Make it work.

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