Dan: Hey Seddiers! I gave you what you wanted but there's still a lot of episodes left! To appease you, here's an iLove You complete with 2 hour make-out! For you non-seddiers, here's a break-up! For you Creddiers, I've thrown in the elevator! For you people who hate any romance in the show, not to worry! This relationship has (at least temporarily) ended!

Oh. And not to be a troll but I think I'll wipe my memory of ever doing this arc, just like after iSD! Anyone got one of the MIB flash thingies? No? Well I'll just make Sam a bit normal..., transform Freddie into a jerk and leave out any hints whatsoever! Here you go! If you squint, you can still see that Sam likes him! But I don't think I'll show Freddie feeling that way much. I know! let's bring Carly back into the equation!

Wait! Carly! She's grown up too! How will I change her? I know! Here's her definition: Carly-female webhost, very pretty, gives excellent dating advice but is always single. Single? That's not right, let me bring back Gibby sending out some obvious attraction vibes!

Oh. And you know what? Let me post sad pictures because I know you like them! Hmmm... That's not good enough! Let me post the ones that can have hidden meaning and or you'll have to ponder over whether they are in character or not!

Me: *sob* Dan-sama... why do you insist on this torture! And with only a few episodes left!

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