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iCarly's Unanswered questions as of 9/4/12

Akg-517 April 9, 2012 User blog:Akg-517

1. What did the goat do?!


le trauma of that memory

I don't even think the writers themselves know. XD
The question we all wonder ourselves is: What could the goat have done?!
We will never know....


2. What is Sam's password?!

Password hint: It's yucky. Hmmmm.... That's plenty to work with....

Lewbert's wart maybe?

My mom's teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini? Nahhh. Too long...

Pete n sam


3. Whatever happened to Pete?!

Let's consider the information given....

-Sam went out on a date with him... out on a yacht... where no one can hear him scream....

-Pete's only necessary qualities in a girl are being able to kiss well...

-Pete is never again mentioned...

4. What happened to Gibby and Tasha?
  • tasha and gibby
  • patrice and gibby
  • carly and gibby

We all know that she had many, many, many... screw loose but they seemed to be a strong pair...

Then Gibby said they weren't "official" and went out with Patrice.

Then there were some pretty strong 'I like Carly' occurences in Seddie Arc...

She doesn't even seem to be a girl with low self-esteem as mentioned as the type who like Gibby in iToe Fat Cakes.

Missy on board

Maybe a murder mystery situation?

5. Missy. Where is she?

She went off on a 6 month cruise and never returned.

Did the captain drop her off in some foreign country because she was ill and annoying?

Did Sam send one of her relatives on board so that she would have a little 'accident at sea'

And after so long, shouldn't she be prowling the halls again?

6. Besides Carly's bedroom and the studio, what else is upstairs?

7. If the elevator leads inside their appartment, what's the purpose of having doors with locks?

8. What's this guy's secret?


You know... We don't....

The patient knows...

He knows...

U tell me

You tell me!

We wanna know...

'8. Where in the world is Sam's father?'

So we know about her mom now...

Her dad?

She knows not. We know not, maybe the random security guy will!

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