iStill Psycho was an extremely funny episode.

Also, creepy. e.g. And ever, and ever, and ever...

Gibby's real name is Orenthal Gibson. My apologies to all existing Orenthals but if I were Gibby, I'd sue my parents.

Maurice is a guy. One of us is confused.

Here Gibby, Gibby Gibby... Because if a psychotic family is plotting to imprison you, when they call you like a pet, you jump and go: Oh Boy! Maybe they have those biscuits I like!

Sam has a policy for the acquisition of objects: If she likes it 'and she doesn't have one, it's hers'. This applies to tasers, shock pens and hopefully Freddies.

List of offences by Nora and family

  • Unfair Detainment, Kidnapping- Freddie, Gibby, Carly, Sam, Spencer
  • Sexual Haressment- Freddie
  • Mild Torture- Spencer on a wheel and refusal to allow the urgent passing of bodily fluids. Next time stop at a gas station Spencer.

List of offences by the iCarly gang

  • Destruction of property: 1 chair, 2 doors, 2 mannequins, 1 table, 1 glass ornament, who knows what when Mrs. B and T-Bo fought off-screen
  • Assault with intent to cause bodily harm and actually causing physical harm by the use of: swords, a helmet with a head in it, one’s body and a shock pen
  • Intimidation of a chicken: Quote ‘I’m sorry that I’ve eaten thousands of your relatives’ unquote.
  • Attacking mentally challenged persons.

​Under the circumstances, I believe these would be ignored

Account of the use of a Shock Pen

- Carly cares about me. What a thing to say to an ex-girlfriend’s best friend. ZAPP! Revenge!

- Sam’s turn. ZAPPP! That’s for testing her.

- ZAAAP! That’s for actually making Sam question whether or not something is edible, Mom oh and for giving birth to Nora.

- ZAAAP! That’s for giving Sam false hope, Dad.

- ZAAAP! That’s for existing, Nora and for kissing Freddie.

One more thing. A party going on forever and ever and ever based on a human strapped to a wheel? Oh Nora. Sweetie... Humans die.

ps. I don't know about you but the moment Gibby went up the chimney, the following was running through my head: there's something stuck up the chimney and I don't know what it is and it's been there all night long...

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