• Alc2098

    iOMG - Random Chitchat(:

    April 11, 2011 by Alc2098

    Hii my fellow iCarly lovers(: Let me start off by stating that this blog is pro-Seddie, so I really will not appreciate any comments from Creddiers such as, "I disagree with this....go Creddie" yada yada yada. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, however, I would just like to focus on Seddie right now XD Yes yes. I am psychotic ^.^ So let's get started(:

    I thought the episode was amazing. Actually, the END was amazing. Everything else went by fast in my opinion. Sadly, this always seems to happen when I watch an episode I'm pumped about. Time flies when you're freaking out about iCarly XD Anyway, the episode was cool, and I liked it. I liked the plot, and the sub-plot about Spencer. Also, I thought this was one of the funnier episodes of…

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  • Alc2098

    note : i am COMPLETELY TEAM SEDDIE!!!! but i thought i'd like to please the creddiers cuz i thought this was kind of cool haha (:

    okay so in the season 2 theme, when carly sings "some things are meant to be" , they show a picture of carly and freddie hugging (: I thought that was cool!

    anyway, i'm completely team seddie! not hardcore "OMG!! CREDDIERS EWWW!!! LETS KILL THEM!!!" haha but yeah. kay bye!

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