Hii my fellow iCarly lovers(: Let me start off by stating that this blog is pro-Seddie, so I really will not appreciate any comments from Creddiers such as, "I disagree with this....go Creddie" yada yada yada. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, however, I would just like to focus on Seddie right now XD Yes yes. I am psychotic ^.^ So let's get started(:

I thought the episode was amazing. Actually, the END was amazing. Everything else went by fast in my opinion. Sadly, this always seems to happen when I watch an episode I'm pumped about. Time flies when you're freaking out about iCarly XD Anyway, the episode was cool, and I liked it. I liked the plot, and the sub-plot about Spencer. Also, I thought this was one of the funnier episodes of Season 4. Myeh.. sadly some of the previous episodes didnt spark my interest, either because they weren't funny, or they just werent... good. Heehe(: So yes. Me likey the episode XD The end. Oh my God the end!! I am legit crazy because I probably watched the last two minutes ( Seddie scene ) on YouTube about... 21 times? hehe. Not even exaggerating, which is kind of sad XD I LOVVEEEEEDDDDD the awkwardness of the scene haaha; call me crazy(: I thought it was cute how Sam was acting as if to say "Shut up I'm gonna kiss you now." She grabbed him and started kissing him and it was so awkward. I liked it :P I also liked how Freddie did not pull away. I don't think he kissed her back but he didnt jump back in disgust. AND AFTER THE KISS. Hahaa I loved it because Freddie didnt really freak out ( on the outside at least ) He was shocked of course but he was just like "Hmm... what happened." And Sam's "sorry" was hilarious. It was so nonchalant. I must admit it was not like Sam to just kiss him like that. She seemed kind of... hmm.. whats the word. Well, you get to see a different side of her; simply stated. You see her loving, emotional side, and I liked it. I just loved the episode!!

So what are you're thoughts about iOMG? Did you expect the kiss? ( I sure didnt! ) Did you like the kiss? Did you think it was unlike Sam? TELL MEEHHH<3

Thanks lovelies(:

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