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June 9, 2010
  • Alexajaneo3

    I've been wondering about that little girl from iSpace Out. The actress' name is Anna Clark. And she's so adorable. Many are saying that she's a Seddie Spawn. I could literally say 'cause of her hair (brunette, Freddie; curly, Sam) but it's just their opinions. We're not really sure. I'm really attracted to that little girl that I want to have her as my future child. LOL.

    So now, after watching iPsycho (which is soooo hilarious, btw) I saw Guppy, Gibby's little brother. ADORABLE. Ikr? He keeps on saying 'Happy Birthday' to Gibby. LOL. Ethan Munck is his name, right? So, after discovering him in iPsycho, I want a future child just like him. :))

    So, maybe I could have a girl and a boy in the future looking just like these two uber cute childre…

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