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    Hey guys. Since I decided NOT to finish MIWH due to multiple reasons, one of them being retiring from chat, and still want you guys to at least know how it would have ended, I wrote a summary of how the story goes on here in short form. Enjoy.

    PurpleJerk and Churchpants tell the other Wikians about who Evan and Jack really are. They invade his house, wanting to kill him, but Alica goes in between, and Aron, not wanting her to get hurt (though he couldn't do much as a ghost), goes in front of Alica attempting to protect her. Since Aron had lost his life, for his sake they give Evan and Jack time to leave within the next 6 hours. If they don't, they would kill them. They also give Alica the choice to leave with him or stay with the other Wiki…

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    Evan was looking down on Alica, lying unconscious in a bed he had put her in. He slowly lowered his head towards hers, kissed her forehead and- “HA, GOTCHA!”, he heard a voice, and jumped back immediately. Jessica was standing next to him, smirking fiercely.

    “I KNEW you two had it on. Only took me a painful death and a sad life-but-not-really-life as a wandering loner afterwards to be proven of it.”

    Evan got up from his chair, smiling slightly.

    “What are you doing here?”

    “I'm dead and bored and decided to spend the rest of my ghostiness getting on people's nerves, DUH.”

    “Okay... But please do that to someone else. Get out.”

    Again, Jessica's smirk came back. “And how are you gonna force me to do that? You can't touch me babe, I'm a ghost.”…

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    Hey guys. Decided on two chapters at one day, I think it's worth it after that hiatus. Enjoy, and don't forget to comment afterward.

    Slowly, Mak walked through the battlefield full of blood, searching for bodies of companions. Jessica, Alica and Evan were still missing. Reason was dead, though due to other reasons.

    His whole body was aching. It wasn't just that he was tired after this big fight. It was that the failure had slowly crept over ever inch of Mak, and now it was nagging on him, eating him from the inside. It was unbearable. They had failed. The troops had left on their own after it was over. They had played their only chance. They might never get out of Wikia Hell. Ever. They would spend all their lives there, and then die a sad d…

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    There were complications as explained in my previous blog about which I am sorry, but now it is finally here after a one month hiatus. Enjoy.

    „Wake up. Please, please, wake up!“, Amythest begged. The first person to awaken thanks to her was Poptart, who looked around suspiciously, and, with a hoarse voice, quietly said: “Are we... Dead?”

    “I don't think so”, Becky replied, who had just woken up too. “...But we're... Underwater?”

    While Amythest went on to wake up Tara and Yoshi, Poptart looked around suspiciously.

    They were underwater.

    And they could breathe.

    Poptart gasped in surprise.

    “How the heck...”

    “...Guys, I clearly remember being killed by monsters”, Tara said. “Why aren't we.... Y'know...”

    “Well, practically, we weren't killed yet”, Becky t…

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    Heya guys. As some of you might know, I do this blog series called Misadventures In Wikia Hell. And as you might know, it has been on an unexpected hiatus for one month now, which I am deeply sorry about.

    The thing is, I've been having some trouble with my laptop aand some real life issues (schoo-- ok I won't even lie, friends).

    Also I've had a GIGANTIC problem with the storyline. You know, there was this roleplay. Well, people in it decided to not continue RPing all of a sudden, so I was forced to write on, which was really hard for me, considering I really suck at continuing writte things others have started.

    Now it's pretty much all settled (I guess), and MIWH will go on normally this week - with two issues coming out if I manage to finish…

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