Well, I have an idea about another game (and games are awesome! lol) which can be fun :D

Anyway I don't know how to call the name (and I'm sure someone invented it already lol), but let's say "the similar word game" xD

How to play this game

The point is someone posts a word and the others comment with a word which is similar, pretty related or at least has something to do with that word. That's basically it, it sounds probably confusing, but it's easy. Lemme' show you an example.


User 1 (comments newly): Doom.

User 2: Umm... Disaster.

User 3: dangerous event

User 1: natural disaster

User 2: earthquake.

And so on. Understand? How about tryin' it out in the comments section? :D It's fun to what weird words you can come to compared to the word you started with :)

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