Okay. You guys have seen what my hater did on the Seddie page (for details about him read my last blog).

What awful comments he wrote. He even told someone to "f*** her if she looked like Emma Watson"

.... That was just too much. This can't go on. There are little kids on this wiki........

What I'm trying to say is......... I will leave.

This is my farewell.

I'm not trying to be an "attention seeker" if this is what you think. I'm doing it for you. I love you guys, and the kids here shouldn't suffer on this.

I will miss you so much... But what has to be done, has to be done.

I thank everyone for being here for me. Many of you are way better than most of my real life friends, as stupid as it sounds. I will miss you guys, but.. again, it has to be done. Thank you. Maybe, one day, we will meet again... You never know.

Goodbye... And thank you.

Thank you.

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