Hey guys. It's December 20th, and that means 2011 is slowly going to an ending.

But, before it ends, how about remembering? I'm sure a lot of stuff happened in everyone's life, good or bad.

So, how about sharing (as far as you are willing to of course) about what happened to us this year?


Good things that happened to me:

  • I moved to a new house and now my room is WAYYYY bigger!
  • My favourite artist released a whole lot of new stuff and it got my friends to like them too.
  • I won first place in a dancing contest :)

Bad things that happened to me:

  • I had a car crash :( I'm fine and the person I crashed with is too, but my car is trash now and I can't afford a new one.
  • I broke my ankle. Thankfully it's fine now again.
  • My parents divorced. :/

What do you think about sharing YOUR experiences in this year? :)

Last but not least, I wish everyone an amazing 2012, and no matter if you liked or didn't like 2011, I hope for you 2012 is gonna be better :D


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