Hello guys. I basically made this blog post because the admins decided to make a new rule, mainly to higher everyone's own security.

It's about roleplaying. At first we wanted to ban it completely (roleplaying iCarly characters is not allowed anyways, but many people come online and play different characters, like, from what I've seen, for example Michael Jackson, Charlie Sheen, Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber and Jenna Rose.) but after a small discussion we came up with a new rule which doesn't forbid it completely.

The thing is, if you come to roleplay now, you are not allowed to just do it anymore. When you come on chat you have to PM every single admin and chatmod (that means all the people who have a star next to their name) your real account. These people are also allowed to ask, and an answer should be given. If you don't do it within the first five minutes the admins and chatmods can ask you, and if you don't tell it in the next five minutes passing by (so overall you have ten minutes) the account gets kickbanned, blocked infinitely and IP blocked for 24 hours.

If a new chatmod comes on after the first ten minutes are over you don't have to tell them except they ask you.

To make it fair, you can ask the chatmod and/or admin to not give out your real account name if you don't want it, and hopefully this will be followed.

After we KNOW your name, we ask every chatmod to ask the person when they come on if they are really that RP account. If it's not, we ask the chatmods to contact an admin as soon as possible, and we will block the RP account infinitely and IP block for a week (or so, it's still not fully discussed) for lying. We know, it is more work, but please do it, it's important.

What is the point of all this? Security.

Thanks for reading this blog.

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