First of all, I'm not an attention seeker for doing this blog. If you think so, fine, do it, a lot of people think of me bad lately and I can't change their minds.

I won't even try to change their minds, because I know it doesn't make any sense anymore.

I'm doing this because it would be SELFISH if I don't. Why selfish? Because you guys are suffering on it too, keep reading for details.

Anyway, if you have been on the wiki lately you may have realized that the Seddie page and the chat get trolled by someone almost every second day.

The people have a similar name like me and act like they are me - imposers.

This imposer is trying to bash me actually, so it's more of a hater. He keeps saying "I suck" "I'm an emo" and two other very innapropiate things I won't say because this is a kids wiki. These insults are (almost?) always written in very bad grammar and spelling, probably to bash me even more. Plus, sometimes he goes on the Seddie page and says "Seddie sucks" or "iCarly sucks" (again in bad grammar), to make you guys think I'm a troll.

Anyway, except the fact that these insults kinda hit me bad and make me sad and angry, the whole thing is kinda stupid for you guys too. What I'm trying to say is, it isn't really... Umm, "cool", to go on a page on the wiki and someone says random stuff like "I'm emo" or insults iCarly/shipwars. Plus, the chat being spammed with VERY inappropiate stuff isn't really helping too (again, despite the fact it's making me sad and angry that someone hates on me so much).

My point though is, it would be selfish if I stayed now and let you guys suffer on this... Stuff.

If this stuff doesn't stop I will leave anyway, because the admins are powerless, he uses proxies and keeps coming back. But, if I leave later you guys have to suffer even more.

When I leave he may stop. He may leave you guys forever, because if I got what he said once right he said he'd leave if the admins blocked me permantly. Well, if I leave it has the same effect though.

So I am asking you guys - leave now or stay? I am asking you for your own ... "Happiness". Plus, other people who don't like me will be freed from me too.

Should I leave now or stay (for the moment)?

The poll was created at 18:07 on August 8, 2011, and so far 63 people voted.

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