We often have problems with trolls, hackers, etc. on here (yes, also at this right moment), and sometimes there are no admins available. It may take hours till someone comes and does something against their damage and blocks them. We want to prevent this. Because of this reason (among others) many admins have a Twitter account. Now we know, not everyone here has Twitter, but this is just another thing to higher our security, and people who have Twitter can contact us. Here I will name the admin Twitter names I know.

PS: If a person connected their Wikia account with their Twitter you can see it on their profile page under their edits. Please keep that in mind, many people don't know it which is mainly the reason for this blog.

Here they are, please contact any of them or maybe all (if one for example doesn't reply for a too long time) whenever you see such a problem.



Eric The Grape


The Sam Puckett

I (Alica123) should be actually ALWAYS available on Twitter except I'm doing something really important, because I use it on my phone and check pretty often (about as much as I check my text messages).

(do I sound boring? Sorry for that but I thought as an admin my blogs have to sound all.. You know, official, formal, y'know. I can stop with it and write like usual if you wanna. xD)

Thank you for your time.

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