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And another Off Topic blog... :)

Alica123 April 23, 2011 User blog:Alica123

Since Mak requested it on the Seddie page, I thought I'll do it.

I am NOT copying anyone. If you think I do, than I am sorry.

I opened this Off Topic blog since we go off topic a lot, and blogs like these are a good place to do it.

Since the last Off Topic blog died down (all do after a few days), I thought I'll make a new one. Discuss whatever you want here.

I'll start off.

Hmm... I guess everyone of you saw the music video for Britney Spears' Till The Word Ends. But did you hear the remix with Niki Minaj and Ke$ha? Check it out:

I think it's not better than the original, but pretty good. What do you think of it?

Feel free to discuss anything iCarly or not iCarly... It's all off topic. :)

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