As the title says. Guys, seriously. I know, shipping can be fun, but there's really no need to call people from the opposite ship "delusional morons" or a "bi**" (and no, the comment I deleted right before I decided making this blog did not censore it out).

If you don't know (I certainly hope you do), ship warring is not allowed on this wiki.

I believe a TV show is rather based on opinions, especially in the case of Sam and Freddie's relationship right now. Before we get a specific answer in iQ, it rather depends on opinions if Sam and Freddie are still together on not. Can't we just all agree on that? And stop the shipwarring, please?

And to not make myself look like a hippie I'll just extend the content of this blog and ask you: Do you think Sam and Freddie are still together? Why? Why not? We can have a civil conversation about it in the comments section, if you wanna. :)

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