Heyho guys.

Okay, in Cartoon’s blog we heard a lot of ranting how the editing went down. Well Mak went on a little rampage and guess what he found out.



The edits didn’t go down at all. Especially not for the fact we don’t get any episodes.

What did go down then?

Here is a graphic (source: [[]] [thanks to Mak]):


Well, as many of you may have noticed even without this graphic. The comments have. Understandable, considering the chat’s here.

But really: Is it so bad to go on there?

Maybe the answer will now be yes for those of you who don’t go there regularly. But, I think you should give it a try instead of being upset the comments on pages (especially the shipping pages I think) went down.

Now to the people regularly on chat.

I sometimes noticed that when newbies come on they are usually treat very... Umm… Bad. Yeah.

My question: is that really necessary?

When a person comes on and asks questions, does it really have to be a “creep” like some of you immediately assume?

I mean, many of the normal users do that too. They aren’t creeps for it. If you don’t feel comfortable answering, don’t but don’t call them “creeps”.

Can you please try to be nice to newbies? And if you assume someone is a troll, you may be wrong, so do not say it but watch. If you get sure, don’t say it on main chat – you may still be wrong, but ask an admin or chatmod currently on chat to maybe look at what they are saying.

Please try to be nice.

Also, is this backtalking in a bad way really needed? I think it’s among the rules for “common sense”. A chat mod may make up their own rule for it and KB. Seriously, it isn’t right, and if the person finds out they are going to be really hurt.

And please, work on this “clique” stuff. I think it’s another reason newbies feel left out. I know, this one person is your best friend, the other one too, but does that mean you have to be mean to everyone who isn’t your friend or everyone you don’t know yet? No. You didn’t know your best wiki friend at some point either. Please think about that.


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