As always: Ellooooo. xP

Okay since I'm such a freak I finally got to adopt........

DRUM ROOOOOOLL............... *creates imaginary drumroll cause no one cares*

The Evanescence wiki.

Okay the only problem now iiiiis that the wiki barely has any pages and I'm the only admin. xP

So what we need now is some contributors, active users and, like, two admins who help out. xD

So, I found out through chat (or well I convinced many many many peeps xD Lalalalala) pretty much a lot of people on here like Evanescence.


So I'm inviting you over there, especially if you like the band to create some pages, edit existing pages and stuff, it needs a whole lotta work.

Comments, badges, chat and all that chizz is turned on, I put on an acceptable layout, so all that's missing is PEOPLE. So pweaseee, if you share a little like/love for Evanescence how bout checking it out? xD

Tah link:

Thanks if you check it out. :P

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