Hey. I've already posted a blog with this game long, long ago.. In July or something. But I thought of remaking my old game blogs since they're a lot and most of them are playable multiple times.

How to play it

You give away a line or maybe even a little more of a song and the artist (because it's really too hard if you don't do that) in a new comment and the others have to guess the song in the replies. Pretty simple.


User 1: "I found a picture of my mother in her bell bottom jeans, flowers in her hair, two fingers up for peace. In that polaroid she smiled, a grown up baby boomer maybe walked down the wild side, walking on the moon. And what will they say about us?" The song is by Jennette McCurdy.

User 2: Stronger? [I know that's a little ridiculous but this is just an example]

User 1: No. oO

User 3: Generation Love!

[New comment, not a reply] I'll go next! "Cause when I'm kissin' you my senses come alive, just like the missing puzzle piece I've been tryin' to find!" The song is by Miranda Cosgrove.

User 1: Kissin' U?

Et cetera.

How about trying it out in the comments? :)

Have fun.

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