Well as the title says the game's called "Guess The Song". I suggested to play it on the wiki chat once and we did, by the way, so you may know it.


You give away a line or maybe even a little more of a song and the artist (because it's really too hard if you don't do that) and the others have to guess the right song.

Example if you don't get it

User 1: "I found a picture of my mother in her bell bottom jeans, flowers in her hair, two fingers up for peace. In that polaroid she smiled, a grown up baby boomer maybe walked down the wild side, walking on the moon. And what will they say about us?" the song is by Jennette McCurdy

User 2: Stronger? [yea I know that's ridicilious now but this is just an example]

User 1: No. oO

User 3: Generation Love!

[New comment not replies] I'll go next! "Cause when I'm kissin you my senses come alive, just like the missing puzzle piece I've been tryin to find!" the song's by Miranda Cosgrove.

and so on

If people still don't get it after many guesses, give hints like shown in this example

User 1: "Like a ninja out of the dark, I'll steal your heart,
I'll steal your heart!
Baby, give you more than I should,
Make you feel good, make you feel good!" It's by Miranda Cosgrove.

User 2: Shakespeare?

User 1: Nope.

User 3: Bam?

User 1: No. Here's a hint: It was released in 2011.

User 2: High Maintenance?

User 1: Nope, another hint: It's from the High Maintenance EP.

User 4: I got it! Sayonara!

And so on. Try to guess a song first before you give new lyrics.

As you may realized I used Miranda and Jennette songs only. The reason for that is because I expect that more people on here know their songs than people knowing 30 Seconds To Mars songs (for example).

Have fun! :)

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