Aaaand another similar word game from my good ol' old-blogs box. :)

This one's pretty fun.

How to play it

The point is someone posts a word and the others reply with a word which is similar, pretty related or at least has something to do with that word. If you use a new word, make a new comment. To say something related, reply. You have to say something related to the LAST reply, not the original comment.

That's basically it, it sounds probably confusing, but it's easy. Lemme' show you an example.


User 1: Fish.
User 2: Ocean.
User 3: Water.
User 4: Bath.
User 5: Shower.
User 6: Washing.
User 1: Cleaning.
User 7: Work.
User 3: Gross.

And so on. You can reply multiple times.

How about commenting and trying it out? :)

Have fun.

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