Hey guys! This is a new game from my "old games" box. :o

Anyway, the rules are pretty easy. You just look at the person that commented before you, and write "The user before me..." and instead of the dots you insert some little fact/detail about the person. ALWAYS start with a new comment, not a reply. You can correct a person if they are wrong ONLY with a reply though

Example (if you don't get it)

User 1: *writes something so we can start the game*

User 2: The user before me is 13 years old. (User 1 replies: Wrong, I'm 12)

User 3: The person before me is a big fan of Degrassi.

User 4: The person before me loves pie :3 (User 3 replies: Lol no, cakes better :P)

User 5: The person before me spends a lot of their free time gaming.

And so on. You can also jokingly say wrong facts. xD Get it? LET'S PLAY :)

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