Ello peeps.

I realized in the last three days many, many people were leaving. And the longer I watch, the more people I see going, and it’s kinda sad.

Just to list a few people who left:

  • · NeneG
  • · CreddieSparkles
  • · FreddieSeddieI’mReady
  • · JMCSeddieIsrael

Two other people left but were somehow convinced to stay.

….But the list goes on and on.

If you are somehow one of the people who left (I don’t just mean the people on the list), and somehow got lead here, please, read this and overthink your decision again.

Now I do know not everyone leaves because of the show "going downhill" in their opinions, but from what I saw it's a factor for most people.

What I want to say is, guys. Please, have some hope in the show.

I know many of you think it’s getting downhill, and many of you are losing interest in it.

But, if there is a tiny little bit of iCarly love/like there, then there’s always a reason to stay.

Plus, even if the show is so bad, there’s always a chance it will get better. Any show can have a low point once and then get better.

Just think.

I know, this whole thing is rather based on opinions, but just in that case I will throw my opinion in:

I’ll take the same show so many here are starting to lose interest in – iCarly.

At the beginning I hated the show. Yes, hated. I found the jokes stupid, and the whole thing was childish and not appealing to me. I left the room anytime my brother was watching.

I saw just a few episodes of the first season, disliked it, and didn’t watch again, skipped the whole second season.

And then randomly two of my friends told me they watched it and liked it. So I gave it another try, and watched iThink They Kissed (I chose that one just randomly btw). I loved it and got a fan.

So, the show first sucked to me, and then got better. Yeah, that’s possible.

And there we come to the point where I say: The show may be at a low point right now to you, but is this really a reason for giving it up completely?

Why don’t you wait and see what the future brings instead?

Please, if there’s still a tiny bit of interest in iCarly, there’s no reason to leave.

And if you are “sick of the whole drama” and leaving because of that, you aren’t making it any better. I am not trying to be mean at all.

I know, I can’t decide your choices, and I am not aiming to do that. All I am asking you for is to overthink the whole thing if you were deciding to leave (and maybe encouraged due to the fact so many others left too).

I don’t like seeing such a big community fall apart.

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