As you may have realised John The Hacker / DJ Kathy! or whatever else their name is threatened to hack Rachim a few days back.

In fact, they gave away Rachim's password and threatened to hack her. If they would have done that they would have trolled this wiki and Rachim could've gotten blocked even though it wasn't her fault. Plus, her account is an admin and a bureaucrat on the House Of Anubis wikia. So John/Kathy could've caused BIG problems (IP blocking people, making admins normal users and IP blocking them, trolling pages like here [and no one would be able to punish them because the account they do it on is a bureaucrat]).

Anyway, I come into the "game" at this point.

To save the account from this happening I hacked the account. Yes, it was me. Today, when Rachim finally came online on Twitter, I gave her the new password, and everything is resolved now.

People were calling me dumb for doing this. I don't feel bad for what I did, I think it was right. Seriously, what's better, this wiki being trolled and the House Of Anubis wiki getting destroyed AND Rachim's accoutn getting blocked for no appearant reason or me taking the account temporarily in my hands so nothing can happen?

Again: I was not the one who originally hacked Rachim. It was John. I just took it over to save it from more problems.

Rachim understood me. Sophie understood me, and Mak understood me. I hope you guys do it too... :/

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