So. iCarly is nominateed (like every year). Good thing for me: Victorious isn't!

However, Jennette is nominateed too -- Let's vote for her! What'dya think? ;D Check out all the nominees.


Other people from iCarly that are nominated: Miranda Cosgrove, Noah Munck.

But: I wouldn't vote Noah. With all respect an NO hate: I think that the Disney Freaks will all vote David Henrie. Noah has no chance against him. Jennette does. When all people vote her, she will win. but if people vote her AND noah, the chances are small. That's why I didn't mention him that happily.

About Miranda.. Yea, she could win. (Although I think Selena Gomez will, again)

Are YOU going to vote for Jennette? And iCarly, for sure? And what else are you voting? Comment! :)

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