Okay, I realized a LOT of people are hating on Carly. Because appearantly she's a bad friend and whatnot.

So, to these people who think that:

But you did realise that 1) Sam and Freddie weren't better? Didn't you see what they were doing? They were making her the fifth wheel on the car OVER AND OVER AND OVER. And then they accused her that she told Ms. Benson about their relationship AND that she was jealous?

2) Dude, she had a right to! I completely understand why she was annoyed.

3) She even fixed it. She felt bad, went up there and fixed it all. She was being the best friend anyone could have. I'm sorry but it's the truth.

That was it, short and simple.

And no, I'm not saying that because I ship Creddie (I don't, not Creddie nor Seddie).

I'm sorry if this sounded offending towards anyone. I'm not trying to be mean! Sorry if it offended you in anyway. :(

That's it. Any opinions? Comment below (if you wanna!). :)

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