Hey guys. This is the final part of Etamar. I'm sorry it was postponed for one whole week - I had some problems with my co-author, but as you will migh notice, this chapter is REALLY long. It has 6682 words.

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Etamar, Forest Of The Damned Part 2
written by: Alica123, Otherwordly Poptart, Pictures by: Desu! Hihi

RosalieTheBrave, PurpleStripedFudgeParole239, AllYouNeedIsSeddie

No reply. No coming back. Too late. Then a hit on the back of her head. She fell on the ground. Something grabbed her neck. Pressure. So much pressure. She was being suffocated. Air. She needed air. But she didn't get it. She felt herself passing out.

While everything before Rosalie's eyes disappeared, she felt the pressure stop all of a sudden.

Had the invisible creature somehow been stopped or did she just die by getting suffocated?

No idea. No clue.


A sweet, beautiful silence overtook her mind.

And darkness.

She didn't fight it anymore.

She had decided to enjoy it.

(from this paragraph on, Otherwordly Poptart will write RTB, Fudge & Ace's parts.)

Alica123 & Ar0n65

Why didn't he bite?

Or did he already, and her fear made her not notice?

Was she already dead?

She slowly opened her eyes, just to check.

She was still sitting on that ground.

She looked to where the wolf was.

He was lying on the ground, in a small lake of blood.

In his back, there was an arrow.

What the heck...

She looked where her bow she couldn't reach was.

It was multiple meters away, still on the ground.

But as she looked, she found a boy, around her age, standing in front of a tree.

In his hand, there was a bow.

And she realized, he had shot it.

He slowly walked up to her, and gave her his hand to get up.

She took it.

She wanted to thank him, but at that moment she saw Aron's completely chopped neck, his dead body.

The tears ran again.

She was in shock.

She just had lost the person she loved.

She just had lost Aron.

In that moment she took the hug the boy offered her.


Jessica slowly opened her eyes.

Her head still hurt, so, so much.

What happened?

She realized she was lying on the ground at a dock.

Next to her there was a big lake, though she couldn't see all of it.

So much fog.

Slowly, she stepped forwards to leave the dock.

As soon as she hit the usual ground and walked past two trees, she realized the fog hadn't stopped.

Then she remembered.


The cliff.

What had happened?

How come she was still even alive?

Her head.. Her damn head.

Suddenly, it started to feel like someone was hitting her brain.

Her mind was seeing stars, and all of a sudden dark memories and nightmares she had always wished that she had never had flew through her mind.

It started to make her feel crazy, and she couldn't fight it off, no matter what she did.

Someone or something was attacking her mind.

And they were able to view all of it.

They were torturing her with her own memories, her own nightmares, her own fears.

She kept shaking her head, trying to finally get rid of it, but it didn't help.

She started running in vain, hoping somewhere at this place she would find relief. That it would finally stop.

She was barely conscious, most of her energy was used in her own mind, trying to fight off the pain, trying to bare it without falling down.

She almost ran into a tree, over and over.

As much as she tried to run faster, it wouldn't work. Someone just walking in a decent tempo might have passed her long ago.

What was happening?


He was dead.



No more.

Over and over, this thought stabbed through Alica's heart.

But her thoughts were nowhere.

The only image her mind showed behind her closed, teary eyes was Aron's dead body.

It was like a dagger, cutting it's way through every vein, every limb, every part of her soul.

Her body was vibrating, shaking.

All the sadness.

It felt like a gigantic weight being put on her ghost, pressuring her, pulling her to the ground, killing her guard and crushing her to small pieces. Every piece a thousand creases.

The only thing she wanted was him to come back to life.

So easily, she would swap places.

Because the pain was unbearable.

She knew it was selfish to think like that, yet it was true.

Then, slowly, she realized she didn't have an idea who the boy she was hugging so tightly even was and where he came from.

He didn't seem like he was from the wiki, or he would have said it.

He could be a danger.

Suddenly, she pushed him back immediately.

He looked at her with a weird, surprised look, moving his face to the left a little, yet still looking at her and turning his head a bit.

“..Are you ok?”, he asked, when she wouldn't say anything but look at him and breathe heavily.

“...Who are you.”

“My name is Evan.”

“I asked who you are, not what your name was. Where do you come from?”
“...Does that really matter? You're safe now. The wolf is dead.”

“...And so is Aron.”

“You can't choose fate. It chooses you. And his fate chose that he shall die. So he died.”

“Shut up... Shut up. Go away.”


“I don't trust you. And I don't wanna fight you. I owe you that for …. Saving me, I guess. But get out of my face.”

“...What? I can help you...”

“No. I don't need help. Go away. Leave me alone.”


“How do you know my name!?”


“Go away, before I decide to fight you”, she said and grabbed Aron's saber from the ground.

“Fine. I guess I'll help you from a distance then.”


Then he disappeared behind trees. Alica took Aron's sabers and bound the scabbards on her belt. She knew just now, if she didn't want anyone else to die, she needed to stop seeing it all as a nightmare – and fight already.

She would get her revenge for Aron.

Still tearing up, she put her bow on her back, and looked to Aron's body.

Then she decided to walk up to it.

She leaned down and touched Aron's dead face.

“I'm sorry”, she whispered, crying.

“I will do something... I promise, I will do something.”

For a second, she almost expected him to open his eyes, hug her and tell her they would get through it together.

But it didn't happen.

This cold feeling went over her back.

She wiped away her tears, and got up.

“Goodbye, Aron... I love you.”

With those words she walked on the side of the cliff, trying to find some sign of a giant.

Time for revenge.

AllYouNeedIsSeddie, RosalieTheBrave & PurpleStripedFudgeParole239

She didn’t know how long it had been since she had gone unconscious.

But after she became aware of everything again, the sun was almost completely down.

“Finally!” called a voice.

Ace’s voice.

“I thought you’d never wake up. You scared me for a second.”

Rosalie opened her eyes, still feeling a little dizzy.

She was propped up against a tree and Ace was sitting next to her.

“You left me…as those things attacked me!” Rosalie said, angered. “I thought we were gonna stick together.”

“I came back and saved you, though,” Ace refuted. “We need to find Fudge. I could barely take those things on my own. She’s been away for a long time, and I’m sure some followed her.”

“It’s her fault that she ran off, though,” Rosalie said.

She looked at Ace and noticed a wound between her neck and her shoulder. Like a bite mark.

Ace just sighed. “We still need to find her. And hopefully Jessica, Aron, and Alica too.”

“Then I guess there’s no use in staying here, then,” said Rosalie, jumping up and trying her best not to wince.

“That’s the spirit.”


Stop. Stop.

The pain. It needed to stop.

...And then she ran into a tree.

She fell to the ground.

Then she realized the pain had faded a bit...

Though her head hurt physically now.

She slowly got up and leaned against the tree.

She looked up at the sky – there wasn't much to see. Just the crowns of many, many trees. She was unable to see anything behind – and even if there was a chance to see all those trees, the fog stole away the sight anyway.

An aggressive neigh.

She drew her staff immediately.

A horse...


But... She didn't have the color of poop anymore...

Instead, her fur was completely black.

And her eyes were..... Orange... All of a sudden.

And so much anger reflected itself in her eyes.

Jessica knew, Poopcolor wanted to kill her now.

And the only way for Jessica to flee was to take Poopcolor's life herself.

Then the horse attacked.

Poopcolor tried to hit her with her hooves.

Jessica dodged to the right immediately.

The hooves crashed into the tree, and it literally left a dent in it.

Jessica was astounded. Poopcolor wasn't that strong before. No way she was.

What happened?

The headaches hadn't started just now.

They had when Jessica was still riding Poopcolor, before they jumped off the cliff.

Someone had made her horse go crazy.

The same person or... “thing” had to be the trigger for the memories, the nightmares, the headaches.

The reason Poopcolor attacked her.

The reason that the horse was so strong all of a sudden.

Jessica didn't want to hurt her – it made her feel bad to hurt such a … Magnificent animal.

But she attacked her. Over and over, and all she could do was dodge.

Then she attacked herself. She didn't use the blade though, but only hit Poopcolor with the metal of her staff, hoping it would help somehow.

The horse crashed into a tree, and that tree fell along with Poopcolor.

What the heck...

Then it got up again, and attacked, and Jessica noticed it had gone in rage now.

It was almost impossible to dodge the hits.

She needed to do something...

It took her a few minutes, but then she finally got over herself.

She stabbed the blade of her long staff into the horse's head.


And she fell.

Then the headaches.

And the attacks.

All of a sudden they began again, and all Jessica did was pull out her weapon out of the horse's body, and, in tears, run again.

Rosalie & Ace

“How long does this forest last, anyway?” asked Rosalie, after a little while of walking, thankfully with nothing attacking them.

“Like, I wonder what we will come across if we go past this forest. It’s friggin’ huge, though. I wish we had the map,” she said, remembering that Aron last had it, though it was not exactly a 'map' for the forest.

“I dunno either. We need to fight that giant first before we make any more discoveries. What if we aren’t even going the right wa-“ Ace stopped dead, staring at something in the distance.

Rosalie followed her line of sight and her heart almost stopped.

Staring back at them was a HUGE pack of black creatures. She guessed 300.

She couldn’t figure out what animal they looked most like.

Build of a lion.

Teeth like a saber-toothed tiger.

Claws like a bear.


As Alica walked, the forest became foggy all of a sudden.

She drew one of Aron's sabers, and walked on.

...A tree on the ground. Slowly, she moved on, knowing it couldn't have been the wind that made it fall – or else it wouldn't be just that tree.


A horse.

A dead horse on the ground.

She stepped back, surprised and grossed out. What had happened?

She looked at the tree.

It looked like something heavy was pushed against it, which was the reason it had fallen.

...There was a fight.

A wound was in the horse's neck.

What happened?

Someone or something dangerous was out there...

Then her head started to hurt.

Something... Was attacking her.

But all she could think of was Aron.

How he was probably counting on her, wherever he was right now.

Through that, she fought it off.

She didn't think about it.

She didn't let it in.

It helped.

Just go on... Find the source of the headaches, find the killer of the horse, do something....

The blood... It looked... Fresh. The whole dead body did.

She started running.

Whoever or whatever did this, they were near. And if it was an enemy, she couldn't wait to defeat them.

Ace & Rosalie

They both froze solid. Ace looked at Rosalie, who gave a small nod.

In the next instant, they dashed the other way, forgetting any plans of heading a certain direction.

As they sprinted, Ace turned her head to look behind her.

She saw them, right on their tail. Some were splitting up, undoubtedly trying to corner them later on.

Rosalie felt a sudden sharp, stabbing pain in her left leg, and cried out. Ace saw one of the creatures right behind her, trying to bite her legs until she fell.

She took out her sabers while running, and with one swift swing, its head fell on the ground behind them. “Keep going!” Rosalie shouted, and tried to run as fast as she could, knowing her leg was probably gushing blood.

DAMMIT! she thought.

For the first time since she got here, Ace realized that they might actually die.


Jessica saw … Something... In the fog.

Suddenly, her head stopped hurting again, and the river of nightmares and dark memories didn't flow anymore.

The embrace of a person.

She walked on, her staff solidly in her hand.

...She panicked on the inside for a few seconds when she saw who was standing there.


Her boyfriend.


“...David?”, she asked, a little bit worried.

“Oh, you”, he replied, leaning against a tree.

“...What are you doing here?? What... What happened? I remember you wanted to say something and then everything just went too... Confusing, and I landed here. Did the same happen to you?”

“Yeah, I wanted to tell you what an idiot you are.”


“I hate you.”

“...What the... But... Why??”

“Because I do. I hate everything about you, and I have no idea what I'm doing with you.”


“No 'but'. I'm breaking up.”

“What the....”

“No one wants you, please go do whatever. In fact... Let me help everyone.”

He went a few steps forward. Then he drew a sword.

“...David, what are you doing...?”

“Something everyone will love. Something I should always have done.”

With that, he attacked with his sword.

Jessica parried with her staff, shocked.

She slowly repeated her words over and over.

“What the... What the...”

But he just attacked again, and again she parried.

Then her head started hurting again while he was still trying to kill her, and tears started running down her cheek.

This couldn't be real.

Over and over, her mind said that.

Slowly, she realized....... Maybe it wasn't real.

Her whole body was shaking, as she stabbed her staff through David's stomach.

“What are you doing you damn....”, he screamed, but couldn't end his sentence.

He started choking, and as she pulled out her staff again, he fell.

Blue smoke.

Then the body was gone.

This was not David.

Her head still hurt so much.

Still shaking, she leaned against a tree. She was breathing heavily.

What was happening?

She didn't know.

Rosalie & Ace

For the first time since she got here, Ace realized that they might actually die.

Their adrenaline, the only reason they managed to outrun the beasts, was running out. A few hundred meters in front of them, Rosalie noticed some kind of opening carved into a high rock wall. She pointed at it, and Ace understood that they might lose them in there.

“They’re…gaining on us!!” Ace exclaimed between breaths. A group of them was only a few feet behind them. They had to reach it. Just a little more. Ace thought that she would pass out any minute.


Alica stopped running and listened closely.

Someone was breathing heavily.

Human breath.

She started walking slowly, trying to make no sound.

Then she saw a person leaning against a tree.

All she could see was that it was a not-exactly-tall long haired female, but the fog took away the chance to see who she was.

She walked closer.

The female opened her eyes.



Anger in her eyes.

“You're not Alica. Go away.”

“...What the heck...”

Jessica attacked.

Alica parried.

“What are you doing!?”, She asked, frustrated.

“Go away, leave me alone, I won't fall for your dumb trick again!”, she shouted loudly.

Tears were on her cheek, and a reflection of hate glowed in her eyes.

“I have no idea what you're talking about, but stop attacking me dammit”, Alica said, angrily.

“I'M DONE WITH YOU”, she said, and attacked over and over.

“Jessica, I'm Alica!”, Alica said loudly.

“Argh, die, die, die.”

“I don't wanna hurt you... JESSICA, It's ME, what are you doing?”

Jessica didn't stop. Like in a rage, she was shaking her head uncontrollably while she attacked Alica over and over, who was struggling to parry. The staff was way longer than her two sabers, and with the pressure Jessica attacked with (plus, the staff was thick and out of metal) they were going to break off soon.

“JESSICA, LISTEN TO ME, DAMMIT”, Alica screamed.

Rosalie & Ace

As they passed the opening (after what seemed like forever), it took a few more seconds of sprinting to realize that they weren’t being followed. The beasts were just…standing on the outside, staring at them.

“It’s like…they can’t get in…” Rosalie said, panting. “Like, there’s something keeping them there.”

Ace, suppressing the thought that it might be because something more dangerous was in this place, said, “Well, we should keep going so they don’t change their minds. Even though my heart’s about to explode.”

They walked a little ways in, and Rosalie’s legs buckled. Now that their energy wore down, the pain of her wound was becoming worse.

“Rosalie!” Ace cried.

“I’m fine!” Rosalie yelled. “Just…give me a minute.”

“We should just sit down a while anyway; catch our breath and try to find a way to stop that from bleeding.”

Rosalie nodded and Ace sat down against the wall opposite her.

Now that they were - for the moment - out of danger, they examined the giant room around them.

The ceiling seemed to be the rock from which this place was carved into, but the walls were yellow and felt like smooth stone.

From the outside, the entrance seemed narrow, but on the inside, it was an enormous cavern with various hallways branching from the clearing. Nothing was illuminating the inside, yet they could see everything perfectly in a bluish light. It wasn’t just a large cave…more like…a temple.

Alica123 & IloveSeddie1234321

Then Jessica stopped attacking.

Alica could see the sorrow in her eyes.

She ran.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW?”, she shouted after her.

No response.

“No you won't run away now”, Alica said angrily and ran after her. “Stop, stop, stop!”

Jessica ignored her.


No reply.

Not even out of anger, like usual.

“...So she might really be disturbed if she just takes up that comment”, Alica said to herself, knowing she was right.

“Jess, look, whatever is your problem, maybe I can help!”

Still running.

Alica was starting to lose her breath.

Jessica was certainly more flexible, and had more agility.

Added up to the fact Alica kept yelling, she would have to stop running soon.

“Jessica, I might be able to help you, just let me and stop running away!”

Then Jessica tripped over a rock, and landed on the ground.

She started crying, curling herself up.

Alica stopped in front of her and leaned down.

“Okay. Okay. Jess. Calm down. Breathe in deeply, and breathe out. Again. Slowly. Calm...

Okay.. What's your problem?”

“The headaches... The nightmares... The memories”, Jessica slowly said.

Alica looked to the side angrily.

She wasn't the only one attacked.

This place was haunted.

But by who?

“You need to chain yourself off from it. Think of only one single thing. Don't let that image get out of your head, no matter what. Ignore anything else it shoots through your mind. Concentrate. It's important. And most importantly, don't lose your mind.”

Jessica nodded and closed her eyes.


Alica got up and leaned against a tree, waiting.

A few minutes passed.

Still silence.

She looked to Jessica - still in the same position as before:

Sitting on the ground like in a medication, eyes closed.

Alica could see the pain in her face.

And then, out of nothing, Jessica opened her eyes.

She looked up to Alica, and nodded.

“It worked.”


“Thank you.”

“Uh, no problem. We shou--”, Alica said before getting interrupted.

A growl.

Multiple growls.

Jessica's face got more serious.

“........They were eating my fear, my sorrow. Now that they don't have that anymore they want revenge....... These were ghosts, and now they have taken a …. Form... Fitting this world to attack us physically”, Jessica said.

“...How do you know that.”

“I don't know...”

“...Okayyy... What do we do now?”, Alica asked.

“They're not that strong. We could fight them. If we do it together of course.”

“Oh”, Alica mentioned

“Beh, fighting with you in a team. Beh.”

“Yeah, I don't really like that thought either. But I guess we have to do it if we don't want our heads chopped off”, Alica groaned.



More and more came up to them.

When Alica saw them fear overtook her mind.

Aron died through one of those.

She couldn't fight them.

Tears started running down her cheek.

Jessica looked over to her.

“What's wrong?”
Alica didn't reply, but started running.

“DUDE!”, Jessica shouted after her and followed Alica.

“I can't fight them on my own! What the heck are you doing??”

No answer.

“Okay, now you're being a hypocrite. If you're trying to copy me to seem cooler it's not going far! I was attacked on the inside by those! Don't be such a coward!”, she tried to convince Alica.

No reply, again.

The darkness of the night gave the whole forest an even scarier atmosphere as they were running away from a pack of angry wolves.

Ace, Rosalie & Fudge

Rosalie found some kind of cloth in her pack that could work to bind her wound. She ripped it to the right size and rolled it around her leg. It had to do for now.

Suddenly, a distant voice echoed, “ROSALIE! ACE!!”

Ace jerked her head around to find the source of the sound. She saw…Fudge! Running towards them.

“Fudge! There you are. Where the hell were you while we were getting attacked by those…things?”

“What ‘things?’” Fudge asked. “I was in here the whole time. Trying to decipher what this says. It might be useful.” She pointed at some writing on one of the walls. “It’s the same thing for several rooms. If you take another path, though, it doesn’t say that along the walls.”

“Beware of giant,” Ace said, looking confused. “What’s to decipher?”

“Are you joking?” Rosalie said, still sitting on the ground.

“Well, can’t you read it?”

“No,” Fudge and Rosalie said at the same time.

“It looks…foreign,” said Rosalie.

“Um, it’s in plain English to me.”

“That’s crazy. You swear it really says that?” Fudge asked.


“Well, my time was wasted trying to read it, then. WAIT A MINUTE.”

“Huh?” asked Rosalie.

“It’s only along one pathway. That must be the way the giant is!”

“That makes sense,” Rosalie said.

“I guess we should go follow it, then,” said Ace. “Wait.” She remembered Rosalie’s leg.

Rosalie, sensing what she meant, said, “I’ll manage.”


Alica123 & ILoveSeddie1234321

They somehow had gotten rid of the wolves.

Alica gasped for air as she just had stopped running.

Jessica stopped next to her.

“Okay, what was THAT”, she said, annoyed

“One of these wolves...”



“Alica, what happened?”

Then there was a move in a tree.

Alica took her bow immediately, put an arrow on it and tried to find whatever made that noise.

Evan jumped down a tree and landed a few meters in front of her.

She targeted him.

“Didn't I tell you to buzz off?”, she asked angrily

“If it wasn't for me you would both have been a late night meal for some damned ghosts in animal form, so you could at least TRY to look grateful.”

"Grateful for what?”

“Grateful for the fact I saved your life TWICE.”

“Look, Evan, I am not stupid. You knew my name.

That means you had followed Aron and me before and didn't just 'randomly come by' when the wolf was about to kill me.

You could have killed it before it had killed Aron. You chose to wait till it bit off his neck until you decided to finally do something.

And do you know what that means? It means YOU wanted Aron dead. You LET him die even though you could have prevented it.”
“Fine. But... Look, if I didn't let him die Doranor would have still tried everything to make his servants kill YOU. He chose a target, and that was YOU. And when he chooses a target, someone has to die, preferably the target. Since he knows Aron and you were kind of involved in an... Um... Romantic way, he will leave you alone now since you're heartbroken – that's bad too, PLUS he got someone to die.

Aron had to die, or otherwise it would have been you.”

“Buzz off or I swear to god I will bombard you with arrows and then chop off your friggin' head.”

“Fine. Then I'll guess I'll take care that you won't die from a distance”, he said with a small smirk. She groaned angrily, and he realized he had pushed her to his limits. One more word and she would shoot. So he decided to leave.

Jessica had stayed silent through this whole conversation and watched, although she looked terrified multiple times. Once Evan was out of sight, she started talking.

“Wait... Alica... Aron is dead!?”

Alica put her bow back on her back as she mumbled.

“I don't wanna talk about this...”

“NO. I don't wanna.”

She started walking, and Jessica followed her.

“....How did this happen?”

“I said I don't wanna talk about this.”

She started walking faster.

Jessica decided to grab Alica's shoulder to stop her, but Alica hit her stomach. Hard.

Like a reflexion, Jessica hit back and Alica fell on the ground.

“You don't understand, do you. I'm not talking to you about this crap, stop bugging me or I will decide to do what you so 'carefully' decided to do earlier. Y'know, with my sharp little weapon trying to KILL you.”

“...Dude... I was irritated by the ghosts... I thought you were one of them, just shortly before you came they had posed as my boyfriend...”

“And I'm 'irritated' by you right now.”

“Agh, fine. You suck.”

“Yeah, you too.”

Alica got up and walked on.

“Can we stop fighting?”, Jessica decided to ask after a few minutes.
“No”, Alica replied harshly.


Rosalie, Ace & Fudge

After about an hour following the word walls, they came to another large room where they could see the sky. The ground was grassy, and there was another entrance leading outside. In the middle of the room was a…giant. Rosalie’s heart skipped a beat.

Jessica & Alica

Jessica could see a light coming from the ground a few meters away.

“What's this?”, she whispered.

“Why are you whispering?”

She didn't reply, not knowing herself why.

While the whole forest, all the trees around them, were covered in the darkness of the night this was the only place where there was light.

It almost looked fishy.

“Should we go on?”, Jessica asked.

“It could be dangerous”, Alica answered.

“...Draw your weapons.”

Jessica drew her staff, while Alica took the bow and made an arrow ready.

They slowly walked on.

Nothing. Just a weird light coming from the ground. It didn't even seem to have a source. It was just.. Coming from the ground. Both, Jessica and Alica, walked in it at the same time.

Then it felt like their bodies were vibrating.

Everything around them disappeared, and it felt just like the moment when they got trapped in Doranor's world in first place. Were they being brought again? How? Why?

Rosalie, Fudge & Ace

They barely had time to think before he swung at Rosalie, who blocked it with her shield, staggering. “I can do this.” , she said to herself.

Fudge came from the other side, aiming at the giant’s neck. As if he could sense it while facing the other way, he turned around and kicked with a force that sent her flying backwards, landing with a terrible thump.

Ace knew what he was going to do next. She ran in front of Fudge as he swung to finish her off, instead trying to block his axe with her two sabers. Though she managed to stop it from coming at full force, he was too strong, and his axe slid down the blade and sunk into her shoulder. Ace screamed in pain.

This wouldn’t end well.

Then the giant stopped in the middle of his attack, pulled out his axe and turned around. An arrow was hanging out of his back, and black blood was dripping down.

Everyone in Etamar

Jessica and Alica were standing there, and Alica had just shot an arrow at him – she was trying to shoot his head, but failed.

Ace still sighed in relief. She felt the hot blood dripping down her shoulder, and even though it hurt, the extreme rush of adrenaline fought it off.

Jessica impressively fenced around her staff. She wasn't perfect, but considering she had just gotten that weapon at the beginning of this night she was really good, and if she made that progress in these hours then she was a fast learner, so Rosalie thought.

Fudge decided to attack. But the giant was fast – especially for it's size.

It turned around and slashed it's sword against her shield.

She fell back from the gigantic pressure, but before he could attack again, Jessica had beat her staff against his back – it didn't help a lot, but at least it changed it's target.

“Are you okay?” Rosalie asked both Ace and Fudge – one was wounded, the other was lying on the ground.

“Yes”, they both said abruptly and at the same time.

“I'll manage. We need to kill this thing before it kills us”, Ace added.

Fudge got up.

They all attacked the giant, whose name was, according to Doranor, 'Timur', over and over, but barely any damage was done.

Then they realized that it was now attacking Jessica mostly, who barely managed to dodge.

“What the heck does it have with you??”, Fudge asked.

“I have no idea”, Jessica replied.

“Jessica, was there a time during your journey where someone could have done something to you without you noticing?”, Rosalie asked.

“...No.... WAIT. Yes! When I was unconscious lying at some dock...”

Alica looked at her. “LOOK IN YOUR POCKETS”, she shouted loudly.

Jessica started running in circles around the giant and in between she put her hand in her pocket.

A... Stone.

A red stone.

“I guess that's what he's longing for”, she said loudly and held it up for the others to see.

Timur tried to chop off her arm just to get it.

She hurried and avoided it.

“Maybe I should give it to him so...”

Before Jessica could end her sentence, Fudge grabbed the stone from her hand and started running.

“No”, she said loudly. “Once we do that we can't know what he'll use it for.”

With those words she ran back the way they came from. “What the heck”, Ace commented and ran after her. The others followed – with Timur behind them.

With every step the giant took, they could feel the ground vibrating.

“What are you doing??”, Rosalie asked.

“I'm trying to find something to throw the stone at... Something that'll kill the giant.”

Jessica grabbed the stone from Fudge.

“Too dangerous for you”, she said and continued running.

“DUDE”, Fudge answered angrily.

“I'm serious. They put the stone in my pocket, so it's my task”, she replied stubbornly.

“My god. You would've given the stone to it if I didn't take it from you.”

“...And now I changed my opinion.”

“Oh look Jessica is being obno--” before Alica could end her sentence (which was going to be an insult), she tripped and fell on the ground.

“DAMN ALICA”, Rosalie shouted and saw how the giant was about to stamp her – to death.

In the same moment a body jumped on the giant and stabbed an arrow in it's shoulder.

The giant stopped and tried to fight the boy, as they now noticed, off – and managed it.

The boy slammed against the wall on the side. He got up as fast as possible, and when he saw Alica had gotten up he started running too.

It was Evan.

“You again?”, she asked angrily while running.

“Oh come on, I just saved your life AGAIN and that's how you thank me?”

“I didn't need you to save my life.”

“Didn't look like it when you were lying on the ground.”

“Okay, who's that now, Jessica #2?”, Rosalie asked, annoyed by the fighting again.

“Oh come on”, Jessica commented, angered.

“Seriously though, who is that?”, Ace asked.

“Why don't you ask Alica? I wanted to know that all the time too but she won't tell me”, Jessica groaned.

“Argh, just shut up”, Alica said.

“Can we stop running at some point?”, Ace asked.

“We need to get out of here... And find something that helps us kill the giant”, Fudge said.


“...Well if we stop that thing is just gonna kill us all.”

There was a light in the front, just like the one Jessica and Alica had entered to land in the temple.

“What's that?”, Rosalie asked.

“Alica and I went through one of those earlier.... We landed here though we were in the middle of the forest.”
“Then let's use them and get outta here... The giant's probably gonna follow us so we can find something to get rid of it outside”, Rosalie stated.

Since no one said anything against it they just sprinted into the light.

Again that feeling of flying through nothingness.

Then they landed on some kind of... Terrain where there were grass and trees. Around them there was sand.

“......Don't step into it!”, Evan said loudly, directing them to stay in the grass.

“It's quicksand”, he said.

“How do you know that?” Ace asked.

“Because it's pretty obvious. Doranor is playing his games again”, he stated.

Then the giant landed in the grass too.

Jessica looked at the stone and tried to throw it in the quicksand.

But it was like glued on her hand.

“What the...”

“I'm sorry kid, but if the others should survive, you need to die”, Evan said, and wanted to push her in the quicksand.

Alica tackled him.

“What the heck?”, she said, drew one of Aron's swords and held it against his throat.

Rosalie grabbed the stone from Jessica's hand – for some reason that worked.

She tried to throw it in the quicksand, running in circles, away from the giant.

Again, it didn't work.

“Agh, let me try!”, Ace shouted, and grabbed it from her hand.

Evan could fight himself off Alica and now was the one lying on her. He grabbed the sword from her hand and threw it in the quicksand.

“Not that tough anymore, are you?”, he said angrily, and drew the other sword from the scabbard and threw it in the quicksand too.

Alica put all her power together and tried to fight him off.

She managed it, and again, was the one lying on him. She grabbed his throat and tried to choke him.

He tried to get her hands off his throat with all power he had.

Still no luck. Whatever Ace tried, she couldn't let go of the stone in her hand if she tried to throw it into the quicksand.

“What's happening!?”, Jessica asked, and attacked Timur over and over. It didn't even react – all the giant did was chase after the person holding the stone, and it seemed like attacking it didn't help at all.

Evan could change around the positions once again. “Would you stop attacking me?” he asked angrily.

“Why don't you just kill me like you wanted to with Jessica?”

“I don't know, maybe I should.”

That moment Alica punched him, and when he fell to the side she got up.

Fudge took the stone from Ace and threw it this time.

For some unexplainable reason, for her it worked, and the stone landed in the middle of the quicksand.

The giant followed, and started going down in the quicksand.

Growls of anger.

“Why did that just work for you”, Rosalie said quietly.

Fudge had no idea what to say. She didn't know herself. They could see how the giant started choking in the sand.

It was over.

They looked over to Evan. He was just staring after the giant too.

“I didn't know that would work too... Sorry. I promise you, I'm a friend.”

“Buzz off”, Alica said.

In that moment everything went black, and before they could think of anything else, they were standing in front of the forest again, just like they were in the beginning.

Evan was gone.

It was over.

“Where is Aron?”, Rosalie noticed.


“Alica?” Jessica stated. “I think it's time to explain...” She didn't sound annoyed at all. Just serious.

“.....Dead. He died. A wolf bit him in his neck... He saved me. If he didn't jump in between I would have been dead.”

While talking, tears filled her eyes again, and ran down her cheeks.

In that moment Jessica hugged her.

“It's gonna be okay”, she said, trying to calm her down.

The same moment Fudge burst in tears.

Ace hugged her.

“Dead? Dead? Gone?”, she repeated to herself.

“Shhh”, Ace said.

But she didn't stop repeating her words.

Rosalie stared in disbelief. She didn't really look at anything.

Then sorrow reflected her face. They had lost a friend.


They all knew, soon they would have to go back to the city.

CONTEST Author's Note

Thanks for reading guys. Writing this chapter really took long.

I hope you liked it.

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