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Misadventures In Wikia Hell Character Profiles

Alica123 January 28, 2012 User blog:Alica123

Note: This is not a new issue of MIWH.

Hey guys!

Okay, so whilst Hihi went drawing characters and I started writing the next chapter we discovered a problem: There's some stuff we need to know so we can continue.

Now you're not forced to give us your character profile, but it will be hard for us to include you in the story effectively & the way you want it if we don't know enough.

So here is a small character profile blog, asking you to give out your character profile - preferable like it is in reality.

Here's the draft we want you to comment with the informations (again, you don't need to, and we don't use the information for anything but the story and pics for the story):

Draft to comment with

Hair color:

Skin color:

Long/short hair:

Age (no exact age needed - just teen, kid, young, middle aged or old adult):

Preferred clothes:

Preferred (medieval) weapon:


Anything else about personality, looks, knowledge or special abilities you want to add:


Here is my profile as an example:

Hair color: Black, some dark blue can be seen in the light

Skin color: tan

Long/short hair: A little longer than shoulder length

Age: Teen

Preferred clothes: Black T-shirt with (band) logo, grey, black or dark blue jeans

Preferred (medieval) weapon: Doesn't really matter

Personality: Dark. Uh. Yeah. xD

Anything else about personality, looks, knowledge or special abilities you want to add: Nothing really

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