Okay. There we have it. The vote foor - the new admin. I explained in my earlier blog how it's gonna work out.

Here are the NOMINEES.

  • ILoveSeddie1234321
  • DevonAndersen
  • Magicboots
  • Cartoonprincess

Okay, now I know everyone is gonna just vote their best friend out of these, but PLEASE DONT do that. Please, before you vote, think.

1) What's important for an admin?

2) Why would this person suit?

What's important for an admin?

Since this is the 1. time we vote this way:

Well, I can tell you that NONE of these 4 nominees fit 100% to what we usually expect from an admin. We usually take the person who follows most of the needed stuff. One of them is also really based on luck - like the online times.

But look at these criteries before you vote:

- Does this person edit a lot? how is the quality of their edits?

- Do they help entertaining the community with blogs, etc.?

- Is this person liked among the community?

- Is this person on chat often?

- On what times is this person on chat?

- Would I ask this person for help if I needed any and they were the only admin on chat or wait for another one?

Now for sure you won't know all answers to this questions, but I'm sure you can answer some. Include them in your voting.

If you aren't able to answer any questions at all, wait read on to my next paragraph.

Why would this person suit?

Now, to make it easier for you to answer these questions, especially if you don't know someone from the nominees at all, I asked them to put up blogs explaining why they should be the new admin. Here are the links of each. Some may not be up yet - if not and you don't know the person, maybe wait a little. Read on for the date the voting ends so you know when you have to vote (if the blog isn't up then yet, then I suggest you to vote person who has a blog up).

Magicboots' Blog

ILoveSeddie1234321's Blog

DevonAndersen's Blog

Cartoonprincess' blog

The voting

The voting is completely your choice. The last day you can vote is Sunday, November 20th 2011. It ends on exactly 1:00 AM (GMT +1 [Vienna, Berlin, etc.]).

Now I hope you read all these and maybe overthought your choice if it was just voting the person you liked the most.

Here is the link to the survey to vote on:

You don't need to comment who you voted (the whole thing is completely anonymous, maybe still comment though to get it in the popular blogs - it's really important.

Thank you.


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