Hey guiseee. First of all I wanna credit ILoveSeddie1234321, SCherry08 and PurpleJerk.


So, you can change the text for joining chat/leaving chat, etc on the iCarly Wiki.

And we thought of changing it.

Anywayyyy, we couldn't decide what to use and thought maybe you guise wanna. We prepared a few themes you can vote on.

The theme texts are:

Original text:

  • *person* has joined the chat.
  • *person* has left the chat.
  • *person* has been 2$ promoted to a chatmod by *admin person*.
  • *person* has been kickbanned.

Bushwell Plaza Theme:

  • *person* has entered Bushwell Plaza
  • *person* has left Bushwell Plaza
  • *person* has been promoted to a member of the Bushwell Plaza Building Patrol by *admin person*.
  • *person* was kicked out by Lewbert for having dirty shoes.

Groovie Smoothie Theme:

  • *person* has entered the Groovie Smoothie.
  • *person* has left the Groovie Smoothie.
  • *person* has been promoted by T-Bo to sell food on a stick.
  • *person* was kicked out by T-Bo.

Ridgeway High Theme

  • *person* has entered Ridgeway High.
  • *person* has got an A on a project by *admin person*
  • *person* has left Ridgeway High.
  • *person* has been suspended by Mrs. Briggs.

Shay Apartment Theme:

  • *person* has entered the Shay apartment.
  • *person* has left the Shay Apartment.
  • *person* has got a star on their butt by *admin person*.
  • *person* has been kicked out by Spencer for sabotaging spaghetti tacos.

So, here's a poll for you to choose the theme of the chat texts.


What do you want the new chat texts to be themed like?

The poll was created at 15:18 on January 10, 2012, and so far 63 people voted.

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