Hey peeps!

Okay I discussed some other stuff with the others aaand.

We came to the conclusion we want more choice for you guys.

Okay, so the first thing we added was: You guys will be deciding the new admins from now on. :)

That’s easy to say, but I think some of you may want to know how now.

Okay the system is easy:

We, as in the admins, search a few people suitable. About 2-7. We contact them and tell them they are up. They can make a blog explaining why they would be a good choice.

Then we put up a blog for you guys to choose which one of these YOU would like to be an admin. This blog will be kept up a few days – not decided how many yet. At these day each one of you can vote once. Afterwards, we close the poll and check the results – and the person with the most votes, obviously, gets the candy… Well no, but gets the new admin job.

This is just one thing to allow more democracy. So now we want to ask YOU guys:

What else would you guys like us to do to allow more democracy here? Any suggestions are welcome in the comment section. :)

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