Okay, the news team was an epic fail last time. Mainly cause BARELY ANYONE created the articles they were supposed to create.

So we will try it again. Epic Fork will lead it mostly because I don't have too much time for it. She asked me to create the blog so more people will read it, so here it is. Now how it will work, copy pasted from what she told me from my talkpage and edited a little:

  • We need 5 writers and a messenger (to deliver the newsletter to the talk pages of people who subscribed).
  • We also need a president to help out
  • Writers have to be able to write articles and hand them in every week.
  • I provide you a link to this page, which is the page for The Chizz Weekly
  • Writers will be picked by EpicFork and anyone who wants to help pick instead of voting for writers like last time.
  • If you want a position in the news team, just leave a comment below.
  • You can subscribe here.

Comment below if you wanna join :)

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