Yo <insert name here>.

Okay, the MAIN question is, what user name would you have (or think you have) if you wouldn't have your current one?

And when we're at it, what names would you give other users (not nicknames, but usernames they could use, maybe based on their personality?)

Like, here I listed a little list of usernames I'd probably could give some users on here.

Alica123 - I need a new username anyways, so any suggestions? :P I have two names in mind but I'm not sure.

XSophieSakura - xXPinkiePieMLPFanXx

Magicboots - ParamoreMuseManiac11, Cr******ol**ut (you know the rest I won't name because some people may be offended by it :P )

Candycoateddoom - GymnasticFORTHEWIN223

BrittanaKlaine25 - GleePWNSJerseyShoreIMO99

ILoveSeddie123454321 - StubbornJessica14, iAmSoStubborn, iLoveBeingStubborn, iLUVmainstreampop, KeshaIsAwesum (Don't be annoyed Jess, k? I'm kidding. :P)

SeddieWarrior - icarly97ShipsSeddie

PurpleStripedFudgeParole239 - ComeTooCloseAndISlapYou239 , DeathNoteFTW34, iLoveToSlapPeople99

Mak23686 - iMWatchingYou, MyProfilePicIsWatchingYou, ScaryProfilePicsFTW, DontDoAnythingWrong xP

Hihi-Sama - AnotherMLPMegaFan11, iLoveDrawing123

SunriseDaisy - LaisyDaisy

Now I know these aren't even a little amount of all people. So just tell me in the comments if I forgot you. and how about making up your own names for all these people & others? I thought that'd be fun. xD

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