Heyho guys.

Okay, so here I have the results for – guess what – the new administrator.

BUT before I tell you, I need to explain how many problems neither I nor anyone among the team looking at this expected came over us.

Okay. First of all.

Guys. What’s with all this pointless CHEATING??

We had 86 votes. 26 of them were JUST cheating, someone voting another person MULTIPLE times. Now the website has its own little protection from cheating, but many realised you could avoid it by just using a different browser.

We (well, Sophie did randomly) noticed just randomly that the same IP address was voting like 5 times... Too many.

It made us suspicious and made me the whole work that I had to go through every single vote to see if one IP address voted multiple times and to categorise it out (ex: so 4 votes turn into 1).

26 from 86. Do you know much that is? About 30% (out of 100% for those of you who may not know due to being young). Isn’t that a lot? I think so.

Cheating is useless. It just makes us more work, makes you more work, so WHY should you be doing it? You won’t get the person you want to win seriously to win if you do that. I am not asking you, those, who cheated, to come to me now and go all “I CHEATED AND I’M SORRY” or anything even close like that. But please, next time, don’t do it. Cheating won’t get you far. Ever. It’s just a waste of time, especially in this case.

…Okay, now done with the talk about this, let’s go on to the results. I counted the (un-cheated) votes and we had a problem with the winners.

Two nominees same amount of votes. Exactly the same.

And since we were planning to do another vote soon (and this cheating thing brought a lot of work with it which made us even more come to this conclusion) we just decided to make both of them admins.

You guys chose, here are the results.

Number 3. Was Magicboots with 8 votes.

Number 2. was Cartoonprincess with 12 votes.

And number 1 are both ILoveSeddie1234321 and DevonAndersen. Congratulations both of you! You’re both our new admins. Welcome to the team! I just promoted you both.

Thanks to anyone who (honestly) voted. CONGRATULATIONS!! :)

Alica out. Ha.

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