The new names............ Don't ask xD Add other people's names in the comments section if possible. Short and weird :)

PurpleStripedFudgeParole239 = Sieg (German for victory)

NeveIsCheese = Kayla (her real first name.)

SunriseDaisy = Laisy (Because she said she was lazy)
Churchpants = Chunt (cause it sounds wrong and SilverBullet believed that mixed good with CP :P xD)

Jessica = Stubborn (Cause she didn’t agree on any name given to her)

Jon23812 = Jellybean (Cause Alica felt like saying that)

Latersgee = Tang (Cause of Trixie Tang from Fairly Oddparents)

NeneG = HOA freak (Cause she loves HOA)

TaraBridgette = Trigette (a mix of her name)

BrittanaKlaine = Brittney (CAUSE IT WAS TOO AWESOME TO CHANGE)

Alica123 = SilverBullet (THANK YOU CHUNT)

A Reasonable Seddier = RaisinPill (quoting Tang: “BECAUSE OF HIS HEALTH NUTTINESS”)

Amythest444 = Thesti (because someone agreed with me when I brought it up… And no I don’t wanna say who I am or you will kill me cause I wrote the list though others came up with these names with me duhh xD)

iCarlyismelife = Lortay (Cause Tang said it)

ICarlyRulez5101 = Rebel (Cause SilverBullet said RulezSuck but then said she was jk so Tang made it Rebel cause rules suck)

AllYouNeedIsSeddie = Arrr (Cause I felt like it)

CookieMischeif = Scheifl (Cause it sounds cool)

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