Heyho. I remember this game from a Naruto fansite I was signed up when I was ten years old. Anyway. The game is pretty simple and needs a certain knowledge about users.. Or you just cheat yourself some little thing.

How to play it

It works pretty easy: You just look at the person that commented before you, and write "The user before me..." and instead of the dots you insert some little fact/detail about the person. ALWAYS start with a new comment, not a reply. You can correct a person if they are wrong ONLY with a reply though

Example (if you don't get it)

User 1: *writes something so we can start the game*

User 2: The user before me is 13 years old. (User 1 replies: Wrong, I'm 12)

User 3: The person before me is a big fan of Degrassi.

User 4: The person before me loves pie :3 (User 3 replies: Lol no, cakes better :P)

User 5: The person before me spends a lot of their free time gaming.

And so on. You should try NOT to say wrong facts though. Get it? LET'S PLAY :)

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