Question is just, what is your top ten in Film, Books Television, Music and games? Just list your top ten movies, books, tv-shows, musicians and (video-?) games. If you don't have 10 favourites, just list as many as you find, no matter if they are less than 10 or not. :)


As an example so you know how it works I will list my own Top Ten:

Movies: 1.) Lord Of The Rings Trilogy 2) Mean Girls 3) Green Lamp 4) Harry Potter, all movies except the 6. one That's it. :)

Books: 1) Impedence (the "Eragon" story) 2) Lord Of The Rings Trilogy ...That's it here too, they are a few books I like but I can't really list them in my faves.

Tv-shows: 1) iCarly .... And I don't watch more. xD

Music: 1) Evanescence 2) Breaking Benjamin 3) Nightwish 4) Within Temptation 5) 30 Seconds To Mars 6) Epica 7) Lacuna Coil 8) Nirvana 9) Metallica 10) Zebrahead

So just simply list as many likes of yourself as possible. :)

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