hi peoples its aliceandjasperforever here!!! (i discovered wikia with the twilight saga versiona and i hav this stated this on my harry potter wikia blog)

omg i m sooooo excited 2 b a part of a 3rd wikia blog posting!!! if u wanna c my othr blog go 2 or 2 and serch aliceandjsperforever!!!!!

so yeah i hav nevr missed and episode of icarly. huge fan!!!! well, i did miss 1 but tht was becuz my tivo wouldnt record it and i wachd it the next day cuz i recorded it on west feed (yes, i hav tht)

so yeah my fav character is sam. i can totlaly relate 2 her in some ways tht other peoples only think that they do. i hav never really benn liked by a guy and ive been thout of a mean pushy agresive somtimes and u peoples gotta giv her a brake its really hard living a day to day life like sam pukett (did i spell tht rite? no clu) but neway u gottta understand tht u feel lonely and abandoned wen ur bffbfeae (best freakin female buddy 4 evr and evr) get a feller (thts my word of the day.feller). she spends all of her time with him and u hav no1 2 talk 2. but on the othr hand i havnt had the nobey mosey experince with the foriegn bacon. thts aomething i hav 2 try. but i also havnt had the jonah experince. becuz as i said ive been thout if as meen pushy and agressive and the guy tht i currently thnk tht i like is still not ovr his last gf cuz she moved 2 nevada, and im not evn sur if i like him. also the gut tht ive liked 4evr may not b the '1' 4 me. i mean hes hot and he has a really cool hat tht looks like a cob of corn (my bffbfeae becca told me i needed a hat tht looked lik butter. cute huh?) but i mean now im realizing tht he may not be the rite guy.

im thinking about this sooooo much tht my head is hurting and its ben a exteme-o-moi long day. also a rathr sucish 1 2 add 2 tht. ne way im probably boring u so ill propbably go blab the twilight saga wikia-freaks an tht site so i ttyl.

ur new avid blogger,


p.s i absolutlely posirvley am in love with 1 thing for sure. tht 1 thing..... is pie!!!!! yum pie. i thnk ill go and get some. neway bye!!!!!!!!!!!

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