Don't comment saying that you hate Cam, Creddie, or Seddie. If you don't like the ship, don't comment.

Hey, Ace here. ^_^

And I was just wondering...

What's your favorite moment of the opposite ship? :)

I'm pretty sure you know the whole thingy that's like: Seddie do Creddie, Creddie do Seddie, Cam do either one or something like that. But I just wanted to say that if you ship Creddie or Seddie, I'd encourage you to also do Cam. Just because I'm doing it it too. xD

Creddie: The dance, obviously. It was just so sweet, and I honestly think that moment is one of the most romantic moments on iCarly ever. It makes me want to ship Creddie... you know, until I see Sam. o_o

And a moment that makes me laugh whenever I see it:

"Aw, poor kid. It must be awful to love someone who doesn't love you back."



Cam: The hug in iQuit iCarly, when they're both crying after that near-death experience. I wanted to cry too. >.<


And I also love the whole scene in iDaBB, when they're discussing Griffin's "collection" while playing Rock Band (or whatever it's called in the Schneider's Bakery universe). The whole scene is just so fun. :D

Uh, yeah, I realize that this blog is really weird. But that's okay.

Everyone is weird.

Anyhoo, please comment.


I apologize if someone else has already made a blog like this. Okay, I think I covered everything. Ya-hootie.

Okay, peace!

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