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  • Amythest444

    Very bad news :(

    April 6, 2012 by Amythest444

    I am using Churchey's secret to successful blogs: Make misleading titles. XDD

    Okay, so I got bored, and I haven't made a blog in a while. I dunno what to say about this. Hm. Uh, you can customize it I guess. XD

    Request Forms:

    Eye Colors:

    Eye Shadow:


    Skin Color:


    Hair Styles:

    Hair Color/Highlights:

    None or Necklace:

    None or Earrings:

    Let me give you an example of my request form and the result:

    Eye Colors: Green

    Eye Shadow: Light orange. Really really orange (There is no N/A for this one so the one that blends in with your skin is this color XP)

    Lipstick: Deep red

    Skin Color: Medium Dark

    Blush: N/A

    Hair Styles: Wavy

    Hair Color/Highlights: Black/Purple tends to look cool. Heh.

    None or Necklace: None

    None or Earrings: None

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  • Amythest444

    Wiki Hunger Games

    March 25, 2012 by Amythest444

    Roleplay time! Yay. I am aware that someone has done something like this

    Anyways, I'm just gonna select 12 people who want to be in this randomly, and then you guys roleplay. I'm gonna select 12 other people who are in the 74th Hunger games (Well they came back to life, okay?)

    So yeah, SIGN UP GUYS. XD (I'm not good at this stuff.)

    Another note: I shall set up some traps later.

    People who've signed up:

    Maryan: District 11

    Tara: District 2


    Fishy: District 1

    Amy: District 7

    Yosho: District 2

    iCarv: District 4

    The Beautiful Story Teller

    icarlyismelife: District 3

    1. Marvel and Fishy

    2. Tara and Yosho 3. iCarlyismelife

    4. iCarv



    7. Amy and SunriseDaisy




    11. Maryan and Rue

    12. the beautiful story teller and Fudge/Vic/Marshall/whatever

    Other Rolepl…

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  • Amythest444

    Winter or Summer?

    Bath or Shower?

    Christmas or Easter?

    Wait, woah woah woah. What am I talking about?

    I'm talking about 'Random Debates'

    So, I love arguing, for some reason. (Not that I do it often. Just when neccesary ;) )

    So I decided to make a blog about debates. But not just any debates...RANDOM DEBATES.

    Yes. I'm aware that someone has already made a blog like this.

    Anyways, this blog's debate topics are:

    Winter or Summer?

    Bath or Shower?

    Christmas or Easter?

    You don't have to answer all of them. If you want to, you can answer it with a few points on why. Like.

    "I choose Christmas because

    • We get presents
    • We bake stuff :D
    • We sing christmas carols

    So yeahh.

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  • Amythest444

    So, this is kind of a response to Chocolatluv1234's blog. But THIS, is a trip to fantage. :D

    First I rented a house.

    Then, I watched the ball drop on New Years eve :D

    Afterwards I warred with a gigantic yeti. I was so winning.

    Then I went snowboarding while I picked up coins. Gonna b so rich after this.

    Finally, I fell and broke both of my legs.

    Then, I made a snowman :D

    Then, I met up with a bear.

    Then this old lady told me my fortune.


    That was the end of my trip.

    And yes, I know it isn't as good as ChocolatLuv's :/

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  • Amythest444


    December 8, 2011 by Amythest444

    Heya guys!

    I decided I'd give all teh people on Wikia (well, only people I decide to give a nickienamy too) a nickynamy.






    Lotstar: LottaStars

    EpicFork: EpicF ( sorry, it's a little lame. :P)

    SunriseDaisy: Dandelion

    NerdyNoName: No-Name

    If you didn't get a nickname, it's either because I hate you or was too lazy to think up of one. Don't worry, it's probably not the first one.

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