The Basic Techniques


Well, you unpatient undedicated people won't like this one (coughFudgecoughTaracough) It takes a LOT of time to master. First, make sure you do this at least 4-6 hours after you've woken up, OR, wake up at least 6 hours after you fall asleep.

To Relax

I'm assuming everyone has read "How To Meditate" by now. It's very helpful. There are other techniques to relax though!

1. Make your foot really tense for 20 seconds at least. Let them go after a while. Your foot will be completely relaxed. Do this with the rest of your body.

2. Make your breath slow down, and hold it, For example: Inhale, 1,2,3 Exhale. Do this for 1-2 minute/s

How to do it

1. After you have relaxed, and closed your eyes, let your mind wander to whereever. Try not to think of lucid dreaming much. AND DONT FALL ASLEEP OR MOVE AT ALL. You're suppose to trick your body that you are asleep but your brain will be very much awake.

2. After a while, you should feel electrifying feeling in your hand. Maybe numbness, maybe your body will feel heavy. Or the best one, your body might feel like it's floating. You are getting closer to making your body fall asleep. Don't you fall asleep though!

3. And finally you should get into sleep paralysis. For this, you may hear scary screams to a pony neighing.

Sorry I have to go for now but I'll edit this blog later.!

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