Hey everyone! A lot of people have been asking me for techniques on how to lucid dream. So I decided to start some blogs for everyone to learn how to lucid dream, aren't I so nice? XD Just kidding, but really, I am pretty nice XD

Some advice before you begin There are many ways to have a lucid dream. In this section I list some of them. Everybody is different,so choose a method that appeals to you.

Some people have lucid dreams naturally, others have to try very hard to reach lucidity. However, everybody can do it!

Make time for it It is advisable that you don’t lead a stressful life. You must have the time for yourself and for your dreams.

I recommend to lucid dream on weekends.

Take your time Also, take your time. Maybe it doesn't work the first time. Or the second. Or the third. Maybe you will get yourfirst time. Or the second. Or the third. Maybe you will get your first lucid dream the 35th try. Don't give up. Be patient.

Once you have had your first lucid dream you will see that the next ones are easier and sometimes you will become lucid completely by surprise.

Don't want it too much Don't want it too much. Things you want too much slip away from you. If you feel frustrated because nothing works, take some time off. Take your mind of LD-ing for a while. For some people their first lucid dream comes when they stopped trying.

Ready? Alright, on to techniques.

It is advisable to learn how to meditate. It's a very good way to relax, for a WILD (will be coming up in the next blog soon) Also, for people who, have a very hard time relaxing *coughFudgecough* (I'm posting link to learn how to meditate at the bottom)

The most popular technique to lucid dream, is called DILD(Dream Induced Lucid Dream) or RCILD(Reality Check Induced Lucid Dream)

DILD= To have a DILD, you have to do Reality checks, very often (like pinching your nose and seeing if you can breath) and keep a dream journal. You have to have a good recall before you start lucid dreaming (remember your dreams very clearly often) For this one, you can't do it instantly, but the instant ways to lucid dream come in the next blog and the third blog.

Next Blog: Learn WILD, MILD, and WBTB.

I'm off! Hope this helps all of you!

How To Meditate

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