I am using Churchey's secret to successful blogs: Make misleading titles. XDD

Okay, so I got bored, and I haven't made a blog in a while. I dunno what to say about this. Hm. Uh, you can customize it I guess. XD

Request Forms:

Eye Colors:

Eye Shadow:


Skin Color:


Hair Styles:

Hair Color/Highlights:

None or Necklace:

None or Earrings:

Let me give you an example of my request form and the result:

Eye Colors: Green

Eye Shadow: Light orange. Really really orange (There is no N/A for this one so the one that blends in with your skin is this color XP)

Lipstick: Deep red

Skin Color: Medium Dark

Blush: N/A

Hair Styles: Wavy

Hair Color/Highlights: Black/Purple tends to look cool. Heh.

None or Necklace: None

None or Earrings: None


Lilac Dreams:




Purple Candy Cane

127150535 rendering

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