Roleplay time! Yay. I am aware that someone has done something like this

Anyways, I'm just gonna select 12 people who want to be in this randomly, and then you guys roleplay. I'm gonna select 12 other people who are in the 74th Hunger games (Well they came back to life, okay?)

So yeah, SIGN UP GUYS. XD (I'm not good at this stuff.)

Another note: I shall set up some traps later.

People who've signed up:

Maryan: District 11

Tara: District 2


Fishy: District 1

Amy: District 7

Yosho: District 2

iCarv: District 4

The Beautiful Story Teller

icarlyismelife: District 3

1. Marvel and Fishy

2. Tara and Yosho 3. iCarlyismelife

4. iCarv



7. Amy and SunriseDaisy




11. Maryan and Rue

12. the beautiful story teller and Fudge/Vic/Marshall/whatever

Other Roleplayers:

Toadette as Maryan's sister.

Info: The Roleplay sign-up will end tommorow at 3:00 PM EST and the game will begin at 6:00 PM EST

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