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    I'm going to be writing this in script form, because this is what I WISH Dan would have written in his iGoodbye script, so it's going to be like a "wish script"... So I guess you can call it an extended version of iGoodbye. Okay anyways, here it is. 

    Carly: I love you guys.

    Freddie: Love you too.

    Spencer: Love you too, kid.

    Sam walks out of the elevator.

    Sam: I'll meet you down there in a minute, Carls.

    Carly: Okay. 

    Carly closes the elevator door and leaves.

    Sam: I have to tell you guys something.

    There's a brief silence.

    Sam: I'm moving to LA.

    Freddie: What?! First Carly, now you!?

    Sam: Well since Carly is going to Italy, I thought well, what am I going to do now? So I decided to move to LA and start over.

    Gibby: When are you leaving?

    Sam: Right now.


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