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iGoodbye Aftermath - Sam Says Goodbye

I'm going to be writing this in script form, because this is what I WISH Dan would have written in his iGoodbye script, so it's going to be like a "wish script"... So I guess you can call it an extended version of iGoodbye. Okay anyways, here it is. 

Carly: I love you guys.

Freddie: Love you too.

Spencer: Love you too, kid.

Sam walks out of the elevator.

Sam: I'll meet you down there in a minute, Carls.

Carly: Okay. 

Carly closes the elevator door and leaves.

Sam: I have to tell you guys something.

There's a brief silence.

Sam: I'm moving to LA.

Freddie: What?! First Carly, now you!?

Sam: Well since Carly is going to Italy, I thought well, what am I going to do now? So I decided to move to LA and start over.

Gibby: When are you leaving?

Sam: Right now.

Freddie, Gibby, and Spencer all look at Sam. It is clear they are upset.

Sam walks over to Gibby.

Sam: Hey, I know we fight a lot, and you annoy me, your one of my good friends. 

Gibby: Gibeeehhh. 

Gibby puts his arms out and hugs Sam.

Sam: And Spenc, all these years you've been such a good friend towards me, and helped me through some tough times. 

Sam and Spencer hug.

Sam walks over to Freddie, almost in tears.

Sam: Hey, Benson.

Freddie: Hey, Puckett.

Sam: It's been a crazy right, hasn't it?

Freddie: Yeah. I mean, we hated each other, you kissed me, I kissed you, we dated, we broke up, and now... we're here.

Sam and Freddie are almost in tears.

Freddie: I love you.

Sam: I love you, too.

Sam puts her hands on Freddie's shoulders and kisses him, and Freddie puts his hands on Sam's waist and kisses back for 8 seconds.

Sam walks in the elevator.

Sam: Goodbye, you guys.

The elevator door closes

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