NOTE: No Ship Warring Intended! Just Stating My Opinion

I know that many of you guys are upset with the whole 'Creddie' thing in iGoodbye but I kind of really like it......

Ok, fine! I am a Creddie shipper but their chemistry is great and I do think that They look really cute together also the part in which Freddie pumps his fist into the air makes me feel really happy for Carly!! Many people think that it was 'out of the blue' but I disagree. I think I totally expected it and the episodes in which Seddie had been around, Carly seemed like a pretty jealous chick! So, I thought that any time they would have a kiss though I was not sure if they would have a lasting relationship and I'm not very sure now either but it feels like it....

Just remember that this is just MY opinion! I'm not criticizing anyone else's, so feel free to state your own!! --Annabethxx50 (talk) 08:48, November 25, 2012 (UTC)CreddieShipperHere

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