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Anr0328 November 14, 2010 User blog:Anr0328

Hey everyone! This my first blog post on the iCarly Wiki. Let me start my blog out by saying something really important: I love iCarly! That's the most important thing to me on this wiki. You should really like iCarly if you want to be an iCarly wikian. I just joined this wiki November 13, 2010. I've already learned and done so much! I've really only been editing my profile and talk page, because I want to complete it... but I edited some articles. Along the way, I learned a whole lot about templates. I already knew about templates, because I help on other wikis too. I am so excited to be here on this wiki! Please comment or ask questions in the comment section below. Thanks! I will try to write blog posts weekly, or maybe even sooner.

Remember, I said "maybe". Thanks iCarly Wikians! --Anr0328 / Blog Anr0328signature

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