I have been inactive for a long time. Sorry. One of my friends broke their leg in a car accident and had like six stiches put in his head. I also went skiing for two days and I'm about to go again Saturday for a whole week!  :o  Again, sorry I haven't been here. Instead of wasting a blog post, I might as well talk about iCarly!

I am going to list my favorite characters in order because based on some episodes, I have rethought their order.



Sam might be mean to Freddie, but ohmaigawsh I love her! She is like my all time favorite character! THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE!! I love meat too, which makes me similar to her.


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Carly is my second favorite character! Kind of obvious right? She is so nice, sweet, and pretty much everything that Megan wasn't in Drake and Josh.


Spencer is so funny, and he rocks for that.  XD  I love his jokes and how he is just funny naturally.


Last but not least, Freddie. He is so cute! I think he was especially cute when he was younger and his voice was still "high".

Okay those are my favorite characters in order. I also like Gibby, and a few other random characters like T-BO.

Who is your favorite character?

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Please tell me what you think in the comments section!

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